Hi! My name is Damien Maguire. I am an electronics engineer based in the south of Ireland. For over 13 years now I have been combining my love of cars with my commitment to sustainable technology by converting BMWs into electric vehicles and making videos on all aspects of the process. Now that I have some experience I want to take on more fun and exciting builds. I would like to build more cars and projects and present that information in better ways.

Cars should be fun, fast and sustainable. The car is one of the best innovations in human history, but the day of the internal combustion engine is (or should be) coming to an end. The good news is we have a viable alternative ready to go: Electric vehicles. EVs are cleaner, safer and more fun to drive than other cars, but there is so much more scope for innovation and development to make them even better.

Thanks to some amazing connections, in the summer of 2017 I acquired a large Tesla drive unit. This began an odyssey of reverse engineering and design of open source control boards for Large and small Tesla Model S drive units and the 10kw Gen 2 battery charger. These designs went through many revisions and thanks to the support of people on Patreon and elsewhere, I succeeded in this mission.That's my goal: to keep learning, sharing knowledge and doing whatever I can to play a role in pushing EVs forward. I need your help to make it happen! So if you like what I do and want to see more then please support me.