Brand: EVBMW
Product Code: gs450h_v1_built
Availability: In Stock
- Connector_BOM_GS450h.pdf

Price: 350.00€
Ex Tax: 350.00€

This design is deprecated and no longer receives updates. It is recommended to use the Zombieverter VCU in its place.
V2 controller for the Lexus GS450H inverter
Supplied fully programmed with WiFi module.
Enclosure and connectors NOT supplied. Please see attached BOM
Soldering required
Price includes worldwide tracked postage.
Fully open source project.
Support via the openinverter.org Forum
Software and resources available on Github New firmware now available.
See Openinverter Wiki for details :https://openinverter.org/wiki/Lexus_GS450h_Inverter
Video on setup : https://vimeo.com/501777258

Note software is still in development

Delivery : up to 4 weeks from order.
No tax or other surcharges.
Greg on 01-31-2022 07:28 AM
I like that we can see the actual code for this board in Arduino and can change it as we please. Also the shipping was quite fast Ireland to California, less than 2 weeks. Honestly wish this product lived on, but I understand it is being replace by the ZombieVerter
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