Nissan Built And Tested Boards

Nissan Built And Tested Boards
Fully built and tested control boards for Open Source Nissan Inverter controllers

Here is a video detailing exactly how support works for logic boards from the evbmw webshop. I would encourage anyone considering a purchase to please view this video and ensure you are comfortable and familiar with the support structure around these products.

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Nissan Leaf VCM Fully Built and Tested

Fully built and tested controller for the Nissan Leaf Gen 1 and Gen 2 inverter.
This device controls the Leaf inverter over CAN and does not replace the stock control board.
Price includes worldwide tracked postage.
Fully open source project.
Support via the forum.
Software and resources available on Github:
Note the software is in very early stages of development as of 08/2019
Testing in my E46 Touring conversion :
Delivery : 2-3 weeks from order depending on stock.
Price : 550 Euros total. No tax or other surcharges.

550.00€ Ex Tax: 550.00€