Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 01

Introduction to my new ev project. Converting a 1994 Honda CBR600F2 Motorcycle to electric power.


Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 02

Draining the fluids .........


Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 03 Engine Removal

Removing the engine from the cbr .........


Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 04 Motor install and run

Installation of number one motor and chain drive in the cbr. First run at 12v.


Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 05 Twin Motor Run

With the second motor now installed , I run them from 12v in series and parallel modes.


Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 06 Throttle

Brief update on the cbr ev conversion. Sorry about the disjointed video. Camcorder is a piece of junk. Fitting and modification of Magura twist throttle and preparation for rear wheel work


Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 07 Controller 01

Running the CBR with a 24v pack oh 16ah headway Lithium iron phosphate cells to test a controller I built for a friend's car.


Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 08 Frame Build 01

Start of constructing the frame pieces for the cbr. This will include battery trays and controller mounting points.


Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 08 Update

Update on the honda cbr 600 project. I have been doing small bits over the winter. Now summer is here its time to get serious. Seems this bike has a current driven tach. Not pulse driven. Will make life interesting!


Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 09 Controller

Controller built , bench tested and installed in the bike.


Honda CBR600 EV Conversion 10 Controller 02

Test run of the newly installed traction system at 12v.


EVBMW: Saving the planet, one BMW conversion at a time! Okay, not quite, but I do love taking the best cars in the world (BMWs) and souping them up with some of that good electric juice. I document all my conversions in detail on my YouTube Channel . Check out the videos and subscribe to the channel for more info on my projects including:

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The Land Yacht is a 2001 BMW 520I E39 5 series. This is the car I used for my 80-mile round-trip commute to work. She hasn't let me down in two and a half years ... touch wood. Just passed 100k miles as an EV and still going.

BMW E46 Electric Drift Car

An electric drift car. Some people say it can't be done... I'm having a hell of a lot of fun trying to prove those people wrong.

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BMW E46 320i Touring AKA The Grey Goose

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